image: PREHISTORYTV / ALEX XERRI - Masters of Fine Art: Painting. 2020 studio

Alex Xerri (b. 1993) is a painter and sculptor based in Sydney. Palaeontology and Documentary are the crux of their painting practice. Xerri explores prehistoric life, and the notion of documentary as a tool and a viewpoint, as well as documenting documentaries themselves in their various formats. Xerri is heavily inspired by the work of David Attenborough, National Geographic Magazine, and the 1990s reptilian dinosaur found in BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs, as well as Godzilla and Jurassic Park.  


Xerri’s studio practice also draws upon a nostalgia for lo-fi technology, drawing upon early experiences of making MacPaint nature paintings on their family beige Macintosh II, as well as navigating strange polygonal lands found in PlayStation 1 gaming. Also exploring these pre-millenia aesthetic sensibilities further by drawing upon the vibrant colours found in the early wobbly, scenic cel animation of The Simpsons.

Xerri makes paintings with acrylic and stone on canvas, and has expanded into building soft sculptures and wooden sculptures painted with vibrant colours and robust textures.

Alex Xerri has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters of Fine Art majoring in painting at the National Art School, Sydney. Xerri has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne AUS, as well as internationally in Nottingham UK, as well as in Seattle and New York City USA.